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At our fully stocked Georgia Eye Physicians’ Optical Center, Dr. Segal and Dr. Lay offer the latest accessories to care for your eyeglasses and contact lenses. Protective eyewear accessories are available to store your eyeglasses in a safe and dry case or sleeve. For outdoor use, sun clips and hard eyeglass cases help keep glasses protected. In addition to protecting your glasses, cleansing wipes and dry cloths are available to keep lenses clear and germ-free. We also provide various disinfecting solutions for patients with contact lenses.

Frame Repair and Replacement

Accidents can happen and broken, damaged, or cracked eyeglasses can be repaired or replaced to keep your vision at its best. Whether your glasses are dropped or stepped on, Georgia Eye and our master optician can replace damaged parts and frames or simply perform adjustments and minor repairs on your eyeglasses.

Bring your eyeglasses to our optical center for us to examine and we can reshape the frames, replace screws and nose pieces, or reinstall new lenses. If your glasses cannot be repaired, we offer a variety of designer-brand, traditional and modern frames that may fit your existing lenses.

Lens Replacement/Exchange

The Optical Center at Georgia Eye Physicians and Surgeons provides lens replacement and exchange service for scratched or damaged prescription and non-prescription eyeglass lenses. Our licensed providers are able to analyze your prescription and replicate your existing lenses and insert them into your frames. We are able to efficiently and accurately recreate your lenses for just about any lens or frame style, shape and/or material in our multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art lens lab. We offer many lens replacements from popular sunglass brand names.

Common reasons for lens replacement/exchange:

  • Broken, scratched, damaged, or missing lenses
  • Lenses that need mounting to a unique frame
  • Switching your prescription sunglasses to non-prescription, or vice versa
  • Updating lenses after a prescription change

Prism Eyeglasses

These special eyeglasses primarily correct double vision (diplopia) or eye positioning. Regular eyeglasses improve the vision of one or both eyes or help patients see better up close or at a distance. Prism eyeglasses specifically assist patients in maintaining proper positioning and function of both eyes, essentially keeping them working in unison. Patients require prism eyeglasses if one or both eyes show double vision or a single, flat image instead of a normal three-dimensional image appearance. Using prisms, vision can be corrected by manipulating light and narrowing the focus in the lenses.

Sports Goggles

In addition to skill and strength, vision is a very important component to perform well in any sport. Eye protection should be a major concern for all athletes, especially in high-risk contact sports. Many patients suffer sports-related eye injuries each year, which can be prevented by wearing proper protective eyewear. Sports goggles are designed to protect eyes from foreign objects, sun damage, and contact with other athletes.

At Georgia Eye Physicians and Surgeons we offer a variety of sports goggles specific to each sport. Many are designed for contact sports like basketball or soccer, to fit in helmets for football or baseball, and for sports with equipment like tennis or golf. Sports eyewear is also available with prescription lenses. Drs. Segal and Lay want to help you protect your eyes and improve your visual performance while participating in your favorite sport.

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