Eye Glass and Contact Lens Prescriptions

OFFERED IN DULUTH, GA (NORTH OF ATLANTA) at Georgia Eye Physicians & Surgeons

The providers at Georgia Eye Physicians and Surgeons in Duluth, Georgia (north of Atlanta) know that properly caring for your eyes, like you do the rest of your body, means regular eye exams to evaluate your eye glass or contact lens prescription. Using the latest technology combined with the skill and experience of board certified ophthalmologist Dr. William Segal and licensed optometrist Dr. Marc Lay, our patients are quickly able to determine the appropriate method of assistance to help them achieve clear, comfortable vision.

The frequency of contact or eye glass prescription re-evaluation will depend upon your unique needs and the presence of any ongoing eye conditions or diseases. For most patients, annual eye exams are able to ensure optimal eye health and accurate lens prescription. To schedule your routine eye exam with Georgia Eye Physicians and Surgeons, contact our office today.

Our Commitment:

At Georgia Eye Physicians and Surgeons we’re committed to exceptional eye care for our patients and their families. We know how much the health of your eyes means for your quality of life. We’re committed to serving your complete eye care needs with the respect and care we would use in treating our own family.

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