Eye Diseases / Conditions

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Blepharospasm (Eye Spasms) Blurred Vision
Cataracts Corneal Ulcers
Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) Detached/ Torn Retina
Diabetic Eye Diseases Double Vision
Eye Discharge Eye Infection
Eyelid Lesions Foreign Objects in the Eye
Flashes Floaters
Glaucoma Herpes Zoster/ Shingles
Lash Removal Macular Degeneration
Presbyopia Retinopathy
Steroid Injections Stye
Vitreous Disorders


It is clear that our eyes play a key role in daily function, so it is beneficial to make sure we take the necessary steps to prevent damage to such an important organ. Potentially vision-impairing diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration require specified treatments like surgical eye procedures, and if left untreated, the damage could be irreversible. Less-threatening eye conditions such as floaters and flashes can be viewed as a threat and deserve proper examination and attention to make sure there are no underlying diseases such as retinal detachments or tears. Evaluation for retinal detachment is imperative as delay can result in severe visual loss. At Georgia Eye Physicians and Surgeons, we bring years of experience and knowledge when treating patients with pre-existing eye conditions and those who may develop a condition or disease over time, to protect your vision now and for the future.

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At Georgia Eye Physicians and Surgeons we’re committed to exceptional eye care for our patients and their families. We know how much the health of your eyes means for your quality of life. We’re committed to serving your complete eye care needs with the respect and care we would use in treating our own family.

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